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Product range is the key ingredient to our shop. We stock as much as is useful to our customers based in and around the Roseland Peninsula so feel free to suggest a useful addition to our stock lines. Our customers include builders, plumbers, farmers, gardeners and DIY enthusiasts. Stock lines include Postfix / Cement / Lintels / Decorative Aggregates / Pipe Bedding / Hardcore / Fine Sand / Graded Recycled Aggregates / Screened and Certified Topsoils / Felt / Plumbing Supplies / Plaster / Tile Adhesives / Tiles / Painting and Decorating Supplies / Adhesives / Drill Bits / Ironmongery / Block Laying / Carpentry / PPE / Fixings / Drainage / Garden Supplies / Tannalised Timber  / Plywood / OSB.

 If we don't currently stock any items you may need, please let us know and we will consider introducing new stock. 




Order deliveries from the shop online, in person or by phone (01872 501221).

We can also offer advice on products and their applications

Before rushing to town, stop by the shop and see if we have what you need you could save yourself time and money!

Shop Gallery

The Yard.


Concrete Products

We stock a comprehensive range of concrete blocks and bricks, as well as a large range of pre-stressed concrete lintels.

We can deliver loads on our rapid response vehicles or you can collect from the yard where we can load your vehicle whether it be individual items or complete packs of blocks.


Loose & Bagged Aggregate

We have a good range of loose aggregates in our bays in the yard, the selection we have should serve  all of your requirements for building projects. Our aggregates can be also be supplied in either 25kg, half dumpy or whole dumpy (bulk) bags holding just under a tonne.

We also hold a stock of decorative aggregates.


Drainage, cement, timber etc

We stock a range of surface and below ground drainage pipes, fittings and covers etc. 

Our cement is sold in plastic weatherproof bags making for easy and convenient site storage.

We stock a range of timber including  / 2x1 / 2x2 / 2x4 / 3x2 / 2x4 / 6x2 / 3x2  CLS / 4x2 CLS / OSB / 9, 18mm Plywood.

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